Cancer “To The Gory End” CD

Cancer “To The Gory End” CD

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Cancer was formed one night in 1988 in the Tontine public house in Ironbridge, Telford by drummer Carl Stokes, guitarist John Walker and bassist Ian Buchanan.
The band quickly put together their first two-track demo, No Fuckin' Cover, at the Pits studio in Birmingham, owned by ex-Starfighters vocalist Steve Burton.

The demo was produced by Stevie Young (nephew of AC/DC's Angus Young) and engineered by "Big" Mick Hughes (live sound engineer for Metallica).
The band also began playing live, starting with their first gig in Birmingham opening for Bomb Disneyland, and including shows with the likes of Bolt Thrower, Cerebral Fix and GBH.

A second demo session was recorded in 1989, and was followed shortly by the bootleg live album Bloodbath in the Acid, recorded at Wrexham Memorial Hall and pressed on the Headache label.
However, No Fuckin' Cover had secured Cancer a deal with Vinyl Solution and in Winter 1989 the band recorded their debut album, To the Gory End, over four days at Loco Studios in Usk.

The record was then mixed by Scott Burns (record producer) at Morrisound Studios, with backing vocals from John Tardy (of Obituary) added to the track "Die, Die", and released in April 1990.

The band followed it up with tours with Obituary and Deicide


01. Blood Bath
02. C.F.C.
03. Witch Hunt
04. Into the Acid
05. Imminent Catastrophy
06. To the Gory End
07. Body Count
08. Sentenced
09. Die Die

10. Our Fate (Demo 1989)
11. Revenged (Demo 1989)